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The Hive Conference 2015 – Berlin

April 27, 2015

OK. I am just going to say it out loud. I’m a big fan of the Hive conference.

In 2012, the Hive was my very first blogging conference I attended, so naturally I was excited to join again this year. Back in Berlin, but now in a more posh venue, it did not disappoint. I really like that the conference runs over a whole weekend. It gives you a chance to attend talks and workshops but also hang out and have free time to meet and bond with so many people. It’s always nice to see familiar faces and a pleasure to meet so many new ones.

Of course, as a more experienced blogger, not every talk or workshop was appropriate for me. But it doesn’t really matter as overall the atmosphere, networking, good food and interesting discussions make up for everything. There were many highlights for me but here are a few great memories of a fun and educational weekend.

Lego made this great sign and Yvonne, the organiser of the event, got to keep it after the event. Yay! Talking of Lego, Lego Duplo held one of the workshops. I was highly impressed. Not being the kind of blogger who works with brands, it was interesting to see that their whole workshop focused on how best to collaborate, support and work with bloggers. They understand that it’s a two-way relationship. Their workshop was refreshing, engaging and very professional. Thank you.

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving

This below is great. Now a firm and regular feature at the Hive conference, one can never tire of this bloggers business cards fabric world map. How great is it to see where people are from. A genius idea!

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving

My absolute highlight of the whole conference has to be the styling workshop with stylist/photographer/artist Dietlind Wolf. It’s difficult to describe the emotions I felt throughout. A masterclass in everything from styling to design to life’s lessons, I (and I believe everyone else) came away invigorated, inspired and full of gratitude to Dietlind for being authentic, sharing so much of herself and her incredible talent.

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving
All props and hand made items and layout © Dietlind Wolf. Photo taken by me.

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving
Finished styling vignette © Dietlind Wolf. Photo taken by me.

Another great idea was the bloggers book corner. Filled with every book on the market by a blogger, you were able to browse all books over the weekend. The surprise came when we were each asked to take a number and then handed one of the books on display at the end of the conference. Lucky for me, I got a book I don’t yet owe and is completely up my street. Result!

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving
Print & Pattern 2

I enjoyed myself tremendously. The venue, atmosphere and food was great. Best of all, it was fantastic to see Yvonne and her team thrive and put on such a fantastic event. Love how super excited she is about next year. Yep, the location has been let out the bag. We’re coming for you Dublin and I cannot wait. Ahem, I’m already officially booking myself onto Dietlind Wolf’s workshop, the only workshop already announced and confirmed!

the hive conference 2015 - berlin | colourliving

Thank you everyone involved for the inspiration.

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  • Reply Catherine @ farmhousehome May 5, 2015 at 1:33 am

    What a fabulous weekend, I love going to conferences like this and coming away totally inspired and buzzing. Can you share any tips from Dietlind’s styling workshop? Her style looks so warm and earthy, I love it! xx

    • Reply tina May 7, 2015 at 12:50 am

      It was really great. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
      Highlight was definitely Dietlind’s workshop. It was a masterclass in her journey but also in styling tips. Here goes:

      Styling is about creating a story from scratch. It’s about taking a subject, researching it and coming up with your unique take. Often that can involve making your own props. It’s a real talent with mostly a background in art and design and many years of experience.
      From a practical point of view, go with your gut, find props from flea markets or vintage shops. Often the imperfect and unwanted make for the greatest pictures. Always think texture. Dietlind had these wonderful hand painted canvases and textiles as backgrounds. Also, doing your own photographs helps with credits and licensing. Hope this helps xx

      • Reply Catherine @ farmhousehome May 12, 2015 at 3:57 am

        It does help Tina, thank you for taking the time to share, appreciate it.
        Catherine x

        • Reply tina May 25, 2015 at 12:57 am

          Pleasure, any time lovely xx

  • Reply Jocelyn Hefner May 5, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    I love to hear things like this! I have been to The Hive twice and loved it both times. It is an understatement that I cannot wait to see you there next year!!! thank you for sharing your wonderful images, Tina. Hugs, Jocelyn xx

    • Reply tina May 7, 2015 at 12:51 am

      Gosh, can’t believe that we could have met in 2013…. Was so gutted I couldn’t get away with BA that day:-(

      Ha. We are so going to have an amazing time….. thanks lovely xx

  • Reply Holly May 7, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Very cool! Sounds like it was a great conference. I also went to Dietlind’s workshop when I went, and it was the highlight for me. She is wonderful! Book corner is a great idea and how appropriate the book you got. Nice cover too. Dublin should be loads of fun!

    Thanks for sharing Tina xoxo

    • Reply tina May 8, 2015 at 12:08 pm

      Oh gosh, of course. I don’t think we discussed it much but I remember everyone raving about it:-)

      I did really enjoy it and am excited about Dublin!
      Pleasure sweetie xx

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