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    March 13, 2017


    Guess what? I cannot sew but I absolutely love fabric and haberdashery shops and I particularly have a soft spot for Ray Stitch (not just because I live in Islington). A week ago or so I drove past and had to take a double turn as I saw Ray Stitch on the OTHER side of the road. Hmmm, I had to investigate and low and behold, there’s a new home for Ray Stitch. Boom!

    Well, on Saturday I had to absolutely go and visit. I’ve been a fan of Rachel and her venture ever since they first opened their doors on Essex Road. It’s had some make overs but nothing like this one. They have relocated to the opposite side of the road. Instead of being 99 Essex Road, you will now find them at 66 Essex Road. This in itself is a story….

    I LOVE that Rachel bought the Ray Stitch bone china shop by Barnaby Barford, The Tower of Babel.

    I believe the previous tenants were a travel agency and looking at the new space, it’s been properly designed with many open spaces, some nooks and on double level. I noticed how they kept their signature dark shelves (love them). But now they have real space to play with and they used lots of wood and wonderful materials to convey the double height ‘roomy’ and open plan new space.

    As you walk in you will see a step to a reading room, filled with books on sewing, patterns and some magazines. I plonked myself on the comfy sofa while deliberating what photos to take and enjoyed watching many customers come in and buy materials for the upcoming workshops they’ve booked into.

    I loved the old shop but this is on a totally new level and the success of Ray Stitch deserves this new space that allows them to showcase all their wonderful stock of fabrics, trimmings, patterns et cetera. The basement is used for workshops but you will also find more of the gorgeous fabrics. Everything is luscious and screams of abundance and I wanted to buy everything!

    Well done Rachel and team. So well deserved and I can’t wait to visit again and again and again. Who knows, one day you might see me book into a sewing workshop:-)

    All photography © Tina Bernstein

    Ray Stitch
    66-68 Essex Road
    London N1 8LR

    Monday to Saturday
    10.00am – 6.30pm
    Sunday 11.00am – 5.00pm









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