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    Shining a Light on at {mine}

    June 1, 2015

    Happy new week. Happy 1st June and hello summer. Today I would like to shine a light on at {mine}, a London based platform and online community for home, design and interiors lovers.

    Founded by Ia Bergman and Helena Benelbas, the mission is to have an online community where we can show parts of our abodes, share the content and source, peek into other community member’s homes and interact with like-minded folks. What’s refreshing is that it’s for ‘real’ people with ‘real’ homes.

    at{mine} launched in private beta in 2014 and I have been a member since practically the beginning. There have been many changes along the way but spring saw the launch of the updated website. The new site has far greater functionality. For example, there’s a sleek overview of all available categories so you can select what is of interest to you.

    shining a light on at {mine} | colourliving

    So how does it work? Well, you set up your account, upload pictures, tag products in your pictures and simultaneously link to the source. You choose the category it’s under and do a little story telling. Boom, then it goes live. Like with any community, do look around, do like other member’s pictures, comment on them and do follow the ones that inspire you. (making a mental note to myself to be more active in the community).  There’s also a feature for you to add items you’ve seen and might want to your own wish list. It can really become a one-stop gap for all your interior desires and needs.

    shining a light on at {mine} | colourliving
    at {Tina Bernstein} | detail of my profile page, showing some of my uploaded pictures

    Like with any good online platform that wants to succeed in this digital age, at{mine}’s interface is user friendly and stylish. It’s easy to navigate and best of all they’re now fully mobile friendly so you can upload photos and interact with the online community from wherever you are.

    shining a light on at {mine} | colourliving
    Left: detail of my profile page | Right: a vignette in my living room

    I really enjoy popping in, uploading a new photo and looking around for inspiration from my fellow members.

    shining a light on at {mine} | colourliving
    A vignette in my living room

    So if you’re an interior design blogger, an interior designer or simply in love with design and your home, this platform is for you.  Or maybe you are a brand that would like to interact with this community, so why not join?

    I have it on good authority that at{mine} is to publicly launch in early June. You can join right now while still in beta and familiarise yourself with the platform before the launch rush. The good people of at{mine} kindly gave me a special invite code for my readers.

    See you in there!