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    diversity is good!

    August 9, 2012

    It’s thursday and the olympics are slowly drawing to an end. Team gb did us proud. Take a look at an illustrated celebration of team gb at the olympics.

    This is my last post while the olympics are on. I’ve had an incredible time in my city and couldn’t be prouder. I really hope that all visitors and the world at large saw what i see on a daily basis. A city full of hope and glory, a city full of diversity, and multi-cultural flair. A city that embraces all!

    What makes london so special to me? As a designer i’m constantly drawn to visual stimulation. Part of it comes from designer shops and museums, but a large part comes from more raw imagery. Sometimes something too aesthetic or too perfect can actually leave me cold and uninspired.

    What i particularly love about living in london is the diversity of people, areas and cultures that mingle together. You’ll find that everything goes, there is room for self expression and inspiration is everywhere if you only care to look and see.

    Out and about i was drawn to the many independent shops that try and make a mark for themselves with their own flair. Not designer shops, no lovely interiors here. What you’ll see is a multitude of self-expression and pride in who they are. To me, they are a really important part of the city, people who cater to neighbours and communities in the many diverse areas. Diversity is good!


    Believe it or not, the next picture is a top of a shop facade. The whole length of the shop has stuck on circuit boards. Incredible!

    I hope you enjoyed some of these. The last picture lends itself to a painting, don’t you think? I would probably simplify it more by using the light blue throughout as the background colour. What would you do? It could also be a floor plan, couldn’t it? Personally i would love it as a chiffon fabric to make a blouse, skirt or even a sarong. Maybe paul smith would print it on a bag! You?

    Here’s to more gold medals and an exciting closing ceremony. I’ll be watching from abroad. Next up it’s the paralympics. Happy weekend everyone. Enjoy wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Let’s hope for some more sunshine. See ya. x