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    happy diamond jubilee ma’am

    June 4, 2012

    No one can do a lavish ceremony like the british! Since moving to the uk in 1980 i’ve been fascinated with how the british celebrate big events, but there’s nothing the brits like more during a recession than a lavish affair to take their minds off the gloom and doom.

    I did actually briefly brave the crowds yesterday in an attempt to bring you pictures of the jubilee pageant flotilla. I gave up at a certain point when i realised i wouldn’t really get a good shot in and that, no doubt, it’ll be very well documented. After three years in the planning over 1000 vessels, including the royal barge, passed under 14 bridges down the thames. In true british fashion, despite the rain, there were over 1 million people standing watching the pageant. I ask you, how amazing is that?

    I’m feeling more and more patriotic with every year that passes and i love how the nation comes together when it matters most. There’s a real sense of getting into the spirit of the mood. A lot of us here in london have been subjected to a ton of jubilee paraphernalia, some better done than others. I’ve already written about selfridges’ contribution. While out and about town, i’ve been finding the more ‘stylish’ and ‘sophisticated’ displays. See what you think.

    I really liked this diy, slightly vintage, very unique bunting.

    Great way of displaying balloons.

    A more elegant way of hanging flags. The cotton rich fabric made it stand out in itself.

    How lovely is this linen, slightly muted coloured flag? Just divine!

    Fabulous vintage flag. I love the way this has been stitched.

    Yes, fashion done in a stylish way. I loved this traffic people chiffon, short dress that would not look out of place in any of the celebrations street parties. Only problem was the weather.

    How cute are those? Freed of london do it well. The black, blue and white ones could be worn all year round. Very classy.

    The fabulous tokyo bike. That’s their contribution and isn’t it just simple and stylish? Check out the handle bar!

    And, you don’t have to be british to love the british or the union jack. Take a look at the lovely and über-talented Sibylle’s amazing diy union jack cupboard.

    Well, the jubilee celebrations are nearly over and it’s not long until the next big event, the olympics. No doubt the british will do us proud. I can’t quite believe it’s finally upon us. I remember sitting in the south of france in 2005 when it was announced that london had won the bid for the olympics. Rather the wrong place to have been at that time, sorry france!

    But for now, a heartfelt: