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    July 23, 2012

    I’ve been rather busy in the past few months. A big project has just come to an end and the sun has decided to play ball in london. What better time than take a well deserved tina afternoon out on the vespa.

    I love when i just grab my camera, head out without a particular destination and get totally lost. I’m relaxed, have no deadline and can just indulge in my curious nature.

    Today’s post was meant to be about this little adventure but as i headed back home, something else happened (as it often does on my little excursions). I noticed that i hadn’t eaten much or drank enough water so was looking for somewhere to have a little snack.

    I passed a few places that just didn’t take my fancy. I’m particular when it comes to food. I’m interested in locally sourced food, in interesting and creative spaces. When in an unexplored area, i trust my instinct and just follow my nose. Bingo, i found the right place.

    Let me introduce you to 46b espresso hut, a most charming coffee shop in Homerton, Hackney. Just passing it with my vespa made me put the brakes on, get off and take a look:

    Once inside, i knew i hit the jackpot! It was more a feeling than anything else at that moment but once i started talking to the owners, i knew i had found a gem!

    Meet eva and dominic.

    Eva, a former fashion photographer, of greek origin, has always had a dream to open a coffee shop. During our brief encounter, she forgot to mention that she’s been a barista for 8 years. Yep, that’s eva all over. Humble and kind.

    Dominic, from durham, studied art and is currently curating a show at the centre for recent drawings.

    46b espresso hut opened its doors at the end of may this year. The attention to detail is superb. Proud to serve square mile coffee, eva and dominic are keen to source and serve fresh and local produce.

    I often come across places where the food is well sourced and the interior nice. What is missing for me is the lack of knowledge in food and the inability to creatively change a dish to suit my needs. Today i was in the mood for a small salad but all combinations on the blackboard did not take my fancy for one reason or another. Dominic listened and expertly acknowledged my purist taste buds. ‘I think i know what you want he announced confidently, let me dish it up for you’:

    I ask you people, doesn’t that look yummy? Fresh salad leaves grown in Homerton, some shavings of pecorino, rock sea salt and mixed seeds. A bit of extra virgin olive oil, bit of rapeseed oil, some fresh wholegrain bread and a bottle of belu water with some fresh mint stuffed in it. Pronto! This sort of stuff makes my heart and soul sing. Simple, pure, fresh, inexpensive, nutritious and full of flavour. Dominic, you’re a maestro!! Thank you.

    Guilty as charged!

    On closer inspection i discovered that most of the wonderful decor and furnishings I admired came from sunbury antiques market. I just can’t wait to go there!

    Now take a look inside:

    The place is small, intimate, perfectly kitted out and full of the owners personality. They used every square inch for storage and kitchen. The seating area is comfy in and out and it’s all very inviting. I will certainly return for some more treats and hope some of you will go and visit when next in the area. I wish eva and dominic all the best of luck with this new venture!