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    Zoozoo – Friends for Life

    April 3, 2014

    Cruising through Berlin on a Vespa we were stopped in our tracks when passing the Hotel Amano, a favourite haunt of mine. From the windows we saw these colourful animal sculptures and just had to get off and take a look.

    In the lobby there were the most playful dog sculptures (Bassets) I have yet to see. Mesmerised, we wanted to find out everything about them.

    ZooZoo (Zu:Zu) – friends for life – is a mix of nature & pop art, a tribute to the wild life and the animal world. Founded in April 2013 by Elwira Lerche it’s a small collection of colorful, powerful and beautiful animals for everyone. They’re easy to handle, easy to love, friends for life and great in an urban environment.

    Made out of 100% Resin or Fibreglass, the animals are handmade, limited editions and suitable both for indoor and outdoor. I’m in LOVE!

    Meet Estelle, the Basset! Available in 7 colours in high gloss. Estelle has a big passion for shopping bags. She is very much into the smell of fresh food and always expecting a goodie from her tin-opener.

    Estelle in seventies orange

    Estelle in audrey’s pink

    Estelle in miami turquoise

    IMG_2085Estelle in (from left) sandy beige; audrey’s pink; just grey; seventies orange, sunny yellow

    Estelle in situ in the hotel lobby

    Meet Esmeralda, the Alligator! Available in 8 colours in high gloss. Esmeralda is afraid of ending as a clutch. Therefore she is searching for a perfect hideaway while presenting herself as part of the art.

    Esmeralda in capri blue


    Esmeralda in black

    Esmeralda in sunny yellow

    Meet Parzival, the Baby Lion! Available in 5 colours. Parzival is expected to become a hunter par excellence. In lieu thereof he cultivates a strong passion for wall-to-wall carpeting and grey flannel.

    Parzival in black hole black

    Giraffe – no longer offered. They now make a Baby Giraffe instead

    It all started with an Elephant, Fernando, to be exact.

    I don’t know about you but I love these fun animals. I think Estelle, the Basset is definitely going onto my 50th wishlist on Pinterest. The only dilemma is: what colour do I want her in? Maybe you guys can help out! I think I fancy a special colour (available on request).

    If you want to see all animals on display and you’re in Berlin, hop over to the Hotel Amano and it’s sister, Hotel Mani, part of the Amano Group, where you’ll find them all on display, cheering up the hotel lobbies and welcoming all guests. Happy new week x