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    Sketching Cityscapes

    September 5, 2016

    Regular readers of my blog will know that I have a real weakness for sketching cityscapes and anything building/architecture related. Mostly I enjoy the richness of the patterns that might be forming, as long as I can see the density of an urban city.

    Having said that, I often admire sketches of buildings and architecture I see from other artists and they make me feel a little out of my depth. Sketching on location is also not my forté. Hence why I am super duper excited to have enrolled in Liz Steele’s forthcoming 6-weeks online course: Sketching Now Buildings which starts this Wednesday, 7th September. It will tackle how to sketch a complex building. There’ll be notated drawings and on location sketches as examples along with over 30 minutes of video demonstrations. Best of all, Liz will provide us with lots of in-depth instructions and downloadable PDF’s of each lesson we can print out and keep. It’s going to be epic!

    Here are my latest cityscapes sketches.

    Sketching Cityscapes 2 // Colourliving

    Sketching Cityscapes 3 // Colourliving

    Sketching Cityscapes 4 // Colourliving

    Sketching Cityscapes 5 // Colourliving

    I hope some of you might join me in the course, you can enrol here. It’s always so much fun to connect with creatives.
    I’ll make sure to let you all know how I get on.