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    December 13, 2012

    Last friday, me and my friends went to the fantastic latest feast event. Held at a former north london mail centre, it was the perfect venue for the mélange of london’s street food heroes and a selection of some of the most exciting chefs the capital has to offer.

    We were amazed how the events organisers transformed this unique victorian sorting office into a buzzing and festive epicurean experience with minimal but very effective decorations.

    The walkway to the venue only rivalled by the red carpet at the oscars made you feel you’re about to enter some fashion show in milan!

    You were greeted by stunning lighting that made this derelict site, soon to be transformed into a luxurious development of apartments, cultural spaces and a shopping destination, look spectacular. There were even christmas trees for sale.

    I promise i didn’t use photoshop to enhance these colours. That’s what one part of the development looked like.

    And off we go!

    Upon entering, you immediately felt the buzzing atmosphere of the stalls, people serving food, lights, wonderful aromas and hoards of foodies who were wandering from stall to stall without knowing what to devour first. We decided to walk through the venue before settling on our first course.

    My favourite part was this section of tables forming a long banquet and the globe lights. It felt magical and reminded me of those outdoor events with banquet dining.

    And then we finally settled on our food choices. The food on mishkins stall looked far too appealing.

    Their salt beef mini burger was perfectly assembled and a pure delight. Believe me, i know my salt beef. This was perfectly balanced, not too salty and interestingly served as a burger instead of the usual rye bread.

    We also couldn’t resist the moro stall. Known for it’s incredible cooking, owners and chefs sam and sam, as well as their main restaurant and morito, have a street stall in exmouth market i often eat at.

    There was so much choice but the eyes are bigger than the stomach so you couldn’t try everything. Here are some more photos of the excellent stalls and food choices that were on offer.

    Happily fed, we almost stayed until the end. This was only the second venture for feast. Their first one was over the summer at guy’s quad which was far smaller and less spectacular. We all loved it and are sure to return when they announce their new dates for forthcoming events!

    I have a weakness for street food. I love how it brings people together, how i’m closer to the actual food being prepared in front of me. There’s something very raw about using food in that way and the new trend for street food in london is totally rocking it.

    How do you feel about street food? Do you enjoy it? Have you had any experience with it?

    It’s now really cold in London and there’s no getting away that we are in the midst of winter. Happy weekend. I hope it’s festive and people are getting ready for the holiday season. I know i am. See you monday.