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    lassco – part 2

    March 28, 2013

    Who is looking forward to the easter break? C’mon, don’t all shout at once:-)

    As promised, here’s the second part of the LASSCO post. If you missed the first one, here it is again. So once you’ve admired the outdoor offerings, you can either enter the doors leading to the brunswick house café or first go and be mesmerised by the offerings in the main house.

    We are starting with the main house. Come on through. You’ll find a roomy georgian interior, divided into many rooms and floors.



    It’s impossible to photograph all, so i picked out what i thought were interesting salvaged curiosities. What do you think?

    They have quite a few horn trophys. In my last post i showed an oryx hunting trophy.  I know antlers are really in fashion right now, but why not have something that’s far more unique?


    I fell in love with this east asian carved wooden horse. A mere £1400;-)


    A ngaady helmet mask from the Kuba tribe. At £485, not too shabby.


    A yoruba tribe mask. Yours for £420.


    A large ‘white maiden’ helmet mask…. £675.


    Oh, he’s not for the faint-hearted. A face mask made from fibre glass and spray painted gold. Around £300.


    I really fancied these stained and painted glass panels. Prices vary.



    This cheerful fella was an unusual educational plaster cast of a male torso, with detailed map showing the meridians of acupuncture. C. 1918. To be had for £1400.


    The following room had much more recognisable items. Here you can find alphabet letters and numerals, door knobs, coloured flex etc.




    These enamelled watering cans are gorgeous. I wanted the copper one.


    So, through the house you can also get to the wonderful café. What i like best about it is the informal atmosphere. Here you will find staff that love their job. Everything displayed in the café is for sale, which makes it a pretty fantastic space. While i was there, some of the guys were busy taking down some stock exchange clocks that had been sold. When i returned an hour later, some wonderful print was hanging from the ceiling in the same spot. It’s vibrant, fun, eclectic and full of inspiration. Why not go and have a drink or meal while looking at beautiful artefacts and furniture?



    These bar stools had my name on it. I really want them, so off to inquire!



    The front room of the café is more interesting. You will find many mix and match seatings, beautiful lights hanging from above and lots of desirable prints.





    This is the back room and seating is a little more uniform. But look at the luscious and fantastic lights displays.


    Well, i hope you enjoyed this little tour of LASSCO. I urge anyone to take a trip there as no pictures or story reflects the true beauty and uniqueness of this place. Of course, their wonderful offerings come at a price. Personally, i’d rather have a unique item that will be with me forever. The question is why can LASSCO command their prices? The answer: because you’ll probably not find such interesting curiosities elsewhere and therefore they simply just can! I’m a fan!

    LASSCO & Brunswick House Café
    30 Wandsworth Road
    London SW8 2LG

    Happy Easter everyone. Have a great time and enjoy yourselves. See you monday, hopefully, with another dose of vive la différence.

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