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    jane and fern verrow

    March 10, 2012

    Well, since my tea ceremony post went down so well and many of you enjoyed discussing ‘slow living’, i am going to continue and talk about how i first became interested in nutrition and the impact it’s had on my health and well being. Almost 20 years ago. i was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had no idea about real nutrition and called myself a gourmet thanks to the many opportunities of eating out in the most sought after restaurants across europe. You see, leading a jet-setting lifestyle didn’t really lend itself to forays of home cooking. Deep down i did know that in order to get better i had to completely change my way of life, so i threw myself into learning about nutrition and teaching myself how to cook. On the way i dabbled in many different food movements, but what became very apparent was that i started associating food with health and how it made me feel. This opened a whole new world to me and i fell in love with what i now call real food.

    In comes jamie oliver who’s first tv show aired around 1997, where he introduced borough market to the nation. My prayers were answered. I could now go to this fantastic new food market and buy ‘real’ food produced by local(ish) farmers. This marked the end of me having to shop in a supermarket ever again. Yay! In those first days, jamie would often be at the market and i would quietly stand next to him while he was doing his shopping and simply listen and observe. I am a huge fan and think he’s done wonders for how food is perceived. I urge everyone to watch his totally inspirational ted talk, if you haven’t done so already.

    I learned about health properties in food, how it can be ethically and sustainably grown and foremost about true taste. I became fascinated with organic food and how different it tasted and, surprisingly, how good it made me feel. Everyone used to laugh at me, mocking my beliefs and accusing me of squandering money. I persevered because i truly believed in what i had discovered. Food shopping took on a whole new level and doing it on a saturday morning became a fixture in the diary.

    A couple of years later a new stall appeared at the market. I remember asking a stall holder who they were. “Oh, he said. That’s jane scotter. She runs a biodynamic farm in herefordshire and her food is just of the highest and purest quality. You’ll not be able to eat anything else once you’ve tasted it.” Now that’s a bold statement and sure enough i had to check it out for myself. Instantly smitten, i have been an active fan ever since. This was back in 2000 and a lot has changed since then. A selected few food sellers broke away from borough market a couple of years ago and set up shop in bermondsey. We, a dedicated group of foodies, will drag ourselves out of bed at an early hour on a saturday morning and congregate over at jane’s as not to miss out on any of the produce. Eating according to the seasons has taken on a whole new meaning. The days i’ve been getting there late and missing out on the incredible spinach or broccoli were so disappointing that i make sure not to be late too often. One of the small group of early shoppers is the delectable nigel slater. He recently wrote a lovely piece on maltby street market.

    Well, i’ve just returned from my food shopping spree and took some photos for you. Jane tells me that in a few weeks the market is moving down the road. If you ever find yourself in london on a saturday morning and want to treat yourself, go and take a visit. I promise you won’t be sorry. It always sets me up for the entire week ahead, both in terms of food and spirit. Thank you jane for your continued passion and hard work. You feed us with the most incredible produce and i’m forever greatful. Jane knows that i believe there is a direct link in me avoiding illness and eating her food. Well, the proof is in the pudding or something like that.

    Over the next few months i will introduce you to more markets and shops i buy food from so stay tuned!

    What are your food shopping habits? I’d love to know! Go on, share, even if you are a junk food addict!