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    my very first guest post!

    May 23, 2012

    Once upon a time there was a sweet girl named erin. She lived in philadelphia and one day decided to go on holiday to europe.

    Fast forward to 2012. Yep, erin is a blogger and she’s got the right idea. Why not enrol the help of her readers while she swoons around the city of ‘amour’ eating macarons? A few emails later all decisions have been made and 8 guest posts lined up. Title: my favourite vacation! Job done! She’s clever and crafty that erin. I’ve changed things around a little but hey, isn’t that called: creative licence?

    Oh, i’ve just noticed that i’m last up. I really enjoyed reading my fellow bloggers guest posts over the past week. If truth be told, i believe erin is back but still needs a day to recover before enchanting us with her anecdotes of her european adventure. You owe us girl!!! No, in all seriousness, thank you erin for inviting me to your virtual home. It’s rather cosy there.

    Without any further ado, jump over to read my very first guest post @ the one and only ilikewantneed.