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    spring in the city

    April 2, 2012

    Happy monday. Today’s post has been inspired by my friend holly. In her post about the benefits of plants in interior spaces there was a line that struck a cord with me: “nature doesn’t need us, but we need nature”. Holly has been commuting between the city and ‘the middle of nowhere’ and reflecting about ‘nature in the city’.

    Yes, living in the city can sometimes make us forget how important it is to stop and look at nature. Commuting and working all hours can take its toll on people’s health and well being. There is so much early flowering right now that i wanted to show off london at it’s ‘blooming’ best. Here’s what you can find on street’s corners and in people’s drives. Admittedly, the areas i passed were rather nice but there’s green patches everywhere. We just have to look and connect with nature! In return, it will do it’s thing.

    Fashion’s hottest trend right now is pastels and florals. If you look closely, it’s images like these that inspire the fabrics and textiles we are wearing this season. Can you see a link to interiors? 

    How’s the beginning of spring treating you? Don’t you love the lighter evenings? Are you embracing nature while living in a city? Do you keep plants indoors or outdoors? Do tell.