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    An Early Walk in the Park

    December 12, 2013

    With all the Christmas decorations, preparations, shopping sprees, parties, food and drink consumption (phew), one can easily get overwhelmed. In order to centre myself, get some perspective and absorb some daylight I like to go for an early walk in the park.

    Just breathing in the cold air, looking at this vista calms me in minutes and is far away from all the bright lights and Christmas songs blaring out from every shop and car that I pass by.


    It’s great to get out early as you hardly see anyone for a short while.


    I LOVE weeping willow trees. There’s something so wise and wonderful about them.


    Dreaming of summer here and loving the colours and patinas.



    The best part is to watch our furry friends going about their business. I could watch them for hours.



    One camera loving dog! He literally posed for me:-)


    These beauties would look good on my roof terrace.


    Love this little mini truck carrying off leaves. At least this doggie litter bin is in a Colourliving colour!


    I don’t know about you but I’m quite chilled now. Best advise I can give to myself for this hectic period is to take it easy, watch my food intake (no need to worry about alcohol in my case), get as much daylight as possible, do some gentle exercise and don’t forget to breathe.

    How do you prepare for this manic period of the year? Do let us know!