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    August 2, 2012

    In honour of the olympics, i’ve decided to stay with the theme of london for a bit.

    Is there any end to exciting events happening in london in 2012? We’ve had the diamond jubilee. We’ve celebrated an incredible opening ceremony and are in throws of the olympics. In september we can rejoice in the fantastic 10th year anniversary of the london design festival, this year to be bigger and better thanks to the lovely max fraser. You may have heard by now that the blogtourldn list of bloggers was chosen. Congratulations to all of you. We look forward to hosting you in this great city.

    Continuing with everything that’s bonkers, eclectic, different, diverse and wonderful about london, today is about new architecture and a bit of fun!

    I’ve been pondering a lot about london, why i love it so much, and why it’s so special to me. In an email from the lovely nicola of the unique teaandgee, where we discussed the opening ceremony amongst other things, she summarised it perfectly:

    “I had watched the flame leave hampton court palace early that morning and there was a mini-pageant following behind to see it off. It struck me just how truly eccentric we all are. I think that’s why we absorb other races and creeds into our society because if you feel a bit of an odd-ball in your homeland it doesn’t really notice here. And then the eccentricity continued through the evening.”

    That’s exactly how i feel about living in london. Being a sort of an odd-ball, i personally call it ‘eccentric’, is a compliment to me and i’ve always felt completely accepted for who i am. How wonderful is that? It’s a true blessing and has given me tremendous freedom to explore and feed my insatiable curiosity! Thank you london!

    I digress, back to architecture. So, some of you know that i spend quite a bit of my time viewing properties. I’m always out and about, doing my thing, looking at buildings, new developments and generally checking out the scene. When i look at buildings for home finding purposes i observe different aspects. For today’s post i was looking at patterns, materials, lights, shadows and composition. I hope some of these images inspire you and if you squint, you’ll see some shapes and patterns that could be applied to any interior, drawing or painting. I did have a go myself a little bit further down!

    I like the various different styles and am all for some sort of outside space in new-build developments. It makes a huge difference to mind and soul!

    As a bit of fun, I decided to take it a step further and churn out some really simple posters. It’s purely to make me look at shapes and patterns and different colour ways. It’s interesting how the texture changes on some of these images. Anyway, they were done in a short space of time so for all the perfectionists out there, i know the shortcomings:) I’m a perfectionist myself but am trying hard to ‘just do’ and allow myself to make mistakes. It’s quite liberating! Anyone here relates to this?

    What do you think of the architecture or patterns? Any favourites? How do you like the quick transformations into posters? Any thoughts or comments? 

    If not from london, how does this compare to the architecture of where you live? Have a great weekend and I see you here on monday! Good luck to all individual teams but of course, for me, it’s ‘go team gb’.