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    July 2, 2012

    We live in a fast-paced, technology driven society and a lot of us sometimes express our need to ‘switch off’, ‘take a break’ or ‘re-balance’. Emails, twitter, facebook, pinterest, it’s all accessible 24/7 and quick and fast to use.

    Interestingly enough, design classics have stood the test of times. For those of you that missed the incredible ‘the hidden heroes – the genius of everyday things’ exhibition at the science museum, which sadly finished on 5 june 2012, please spend the 3 minutes watching this video which illustrates some of the products chosen for this exhibition. Products in the exhibition included: sticky tape, sticky plasters, tissue paper to teabags and light bulbs to barcodes, all of which have changed lives around the world. It celebrated around 40 breakthrough inventions most people probably take for granted.

    Today, i would like to pay ‘homage’ to the paper clip, invented by a norwegian inventor in 1899. Apparently, paper clips are deemed to be more essential to our lives than fancy gadgets such as the popular iphone 4. What do you think?

    As a confessed stationery addict, i’ve collected interesting paper clips for years and thought i will share them here with you.

    Let’s start with my absolute favourite. This must be the perfect design and shape. Moon clips by bethge-hamburg. There have been numerous copies that spring up from time to time. They’re not a patch to the original and i can spot them a mile away! I bet you thought only fashion and furniture is copied? Ha.

    Below you will see them in black and brass. They also come in chrome.

    Quite a few years ago, while in paris, i came across a limited edition of the bethge moon clips. Beautifully packaged, 24 carat gold-plated and in a quantity of 50 clips, i had to have it. Me, who usually lives in abundance, have been rather stingy with them. I found out much later that both the shop, calligrane in paris and the limited edition paper clips were no longer in existence. Of course, now i’m delighted i wasn’t frivolous:)

    I hope you can see the difference between the brass and the 24 carat gold-plated clips. To me, there’s a huge difference, they are so much purer and warmer!

    Staying with bethge-hamburg, here is another sort of clip that has many uses.

    Now, for some fun. I got these as a present so am not sure where they’re from. I’m sure they’re still available so for any stationery expert out there, feel free to tell us. The writing paper is andy warhol.

    Again, a present from a friend. I have never seen these clips before. The writing set is from the wonderful japanese and korean artbox.

    These butterflies clips i bought from anthropologie last year. Trust them to find something this lovely. I think they will stay in my collection!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my paper clips collection and maybe next time you use one or receive one in the post, you will look at it with new eyes and give it the respect it deserves!

    Do you dig paper clips? Any nice ones you can tell us about? Happy monday everyone. See you thursday!