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    art project: sir john soane’s museum

    February 1, 2012

    I am back with an art project today. I had very encouraging comments, thank you, so here is another dose.

    This time we went to the eclectic and fabulous sir john soane’s museum. For those of you that haven’t been, i urge you to visit. I was going to attempt to describe it’s charm and curious location but will leave you to explore for yourselves. Actually, next time i need creative, descriptive and inventive writing i must enlist annie over at insideology who is the expert and puts me to shame. Check out her amazing series: london landmarks.

    We were allowed to roam freely in the museum and choose any object or environment we desired. It’s quite dark so taking good photographs wasn’t that easy. Here is a selection of my journey:

    An open brief like this often makes it harder to know where to start. I often start with elements from the photographs to explore patterns and shapes.

    I then took out some magazines and created some coloured collages:

    Now i was trying to put in some imagery so looked at different painters for inspiration.

    I liked some aspects of what i did but felt stuck. When that happens I go back to basics and explore more patterns and shapes. This time with my sennelier oil pastels.

    Unstuck, i knew i wanted to create a layered piece. I thought of theatre stage sets and used some of my imagery from previous sketches.

    Now that i was getting closer to the layered image i wanted to create i had to think about colour. For this project we were set a very strict colour reference. We were sent a photocopy of an artists print. Jon Crane is a screen printer. He uses very finely cut stencils and up to 36 colours for one print.

    Jon is a member of the greenwich print makers and will exhibit as part of the gpm at the affordable arts fair in battersea in october 2012. Here is Jon’s print and the colour chart I mixed up from it.

    Wish that screen print was mine!! Inspired by the colours and jon’s print, i soldiered on.

    Well i hope you have enjoyed some of this and for some real art, on friday i am off to the david hockney retrospective with john allen and jon crane.