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    Maps – Zeroperzero

    August 26, 2013

    Happy monday people and a special happy bank holiday (the last one this year until christmas) to my fellow british readers. There is already a hint of autumn in the air but i hold out much hope for september. Let’s hope we still have a few more warm and sunny days ahead of us.

    I think we can safely say that i am map obsessed. Yes, it’s true. There’s something about a map (in all varieties) that get’s my inspiration juices flowing. I’ll introduce you to some of my fabulous maps books in the monthly my library category

    This got me thinking. Why is it that so many people love maps, be it making maps, reading maps, sketching maps et cetera? What is our obsession with it? Whatever it may be, it’s so exciting to see courses and mini-movements springing up. If you haven’t yet heard of anne’s map making class on skillshare, do take a look. It’s literally for all ages, levels and stages and there’s no experience or software required. It’s only $20 and once you enrol, you’ll have access to the classroom forever! This is an important part as we’re all busy and i refer back to the class and its excellent resources often! Plus you can meet some pretty cool people too and have even more connections worldwide. Take a look what people in the very first class produced. Amazing, no?

    On a separate note, has just launched their own map lab – a quest to find, explore and make maps.

    I say, the more the merrier. We can all learn from each other, share and compare notes. How wonderful is that?

    In the spirit of maps, let me introduce you to the very cool zeroperzero and some of their fabulous city railway system maps! I’m completely in love with their latest amsterdam edition.

    Take a look at london, osaka, tokyo and nyc here below. What wonderful prints they make.















    Are you a map lover? I’d love to know. Why not check out my maps board on pinterest! See you thursday x