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    landschaftspark – duisburg nord

    August 20, 2012

    Before setting off to germany last week my friends urged me to bring my camera. Reluctant at first, as i intended to travel light and have a chilled out few days, i trusted there’s probably a good reason for it. Boy am i pleased i listened!

    The weather was glorious so, on saturday, we set off to the first of two rather special places. The second one i will blog about here on thursday. Be sure to come back!

    Duisburg is a city in the ruhr region, one of germany’s most densely populated areas due to heavy industrial growth. The region has two million inhabitants who live in 17 cities. It has an important industrial past with many mines, iron and steel works now largely disused. One of these sites is the landschaftspark, now a public park designed in 1991 by latz + partner.

    The old thyssen factory site stopped production for good in the mid 80’s, was closed off and unknown to most of the residents in the surrounding area. The local councils couldn’t decide what to do with the site until they realised that due to the lack of activity, nature had intervened and there was ecological renewal. This prompted the recovery and creation of an important green space for public and recreational use and the preservation of an industrial monument.

    The landschaftspark is considered a park with clear landscape values and an industrial heritage which has been converted into a new generation park. I don’t believe there are any previous examples so let’s hope that other similar cases will follow.

    These were just at the entrance to the park. Colour joy or what?

    The actual steel works were very impressive and some of them one could climb up to the top. Err, i didn’t:) As you know i’m always interested in close ups and details.

    I love how the steel has been coloured through usage forming such interesting marks, patterns and colour combinations.

    Honestly, who can see the pattern for a missoni knitwear jumper? I can!

    I was fascinated by the effects on some of the walls as we were walking around. They looked like abstract paintings or arial views of a landscape.

    The complex is huge and has many open spaces that can be hired out. Below, a turkish band were filming a video for their latest single.

    There’s a great slide for kids, and big kids too!

    You can go rock climbing.

    What is so incredible is the combination of steel structures versus the luscious greenery. It did blow my mind.

    Some more interesting colours and textures.

    The park is like a maze and i can imagine returning time after time and always discovering something new. Here are some shots showing lines that form interesting patterns.

    There’s also a massive outdoor cinema and a diving school. It’s enjoyed by young and old. I really loved seeing so many people visit.  Apparently at night the lighting is incredible, take a look.

    I leave you with some ‘visitors’, who equally had fun and will see you back here on thursday. Happy monday folks!