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    Petersham Nurseries

    February 24, 2014

    I’ll never forget the first time a friend introduced me to Petersham Nurseries. It was in 2005 and I thought I had found the most beautiful oasis in London. Having always lived north of the river, taking a trip down to Richmond and beyond is always a real treat.


    Last weekend, on a glorious sunny day, we took a drive down to Richmond. No trip down south west is complete without a visit to the glorious and unique Petersham Nurseries. Over the years I’ve seen the business expand. I’ve either been for tea, now in a Teahouse serving a simple, light Italian-inspired lunch menu with homemade cakes, or had lunch or dinner in the Restaurant (while the so amazing Skye Gyngell was still installed as head chef). Sometimes I simply just wanted to buy plants and herbs or to indulge in the most gorgeous shop with an incredible selection, from antiques, homewares, decorative items, stoneware and so much more.

    This time I came with a purpose. Yes, I needed an indoor plant for my recent Urban Jungle post!

    Armed with my camera and having obtained permission from the lovely Giselle McCarthy (shop buyer extraordinaire), who gave me expertly advise on all matters ‘Hydrangeas’, I couldn’t walk away without taking some snaps. The sun was streaming through the absolutely stunning looking greenhouse. People were enjoying lunch in the restaurant at the back, while others were leisurely admiring everything in the shop.

    Let me show you around. It goes without saying I could have bought most things in there!

    The Greenhouse is stunningly decorated.

    Astier de Villatte Robinson Collection Vases | Table Chandelier

    Great nook. Particularly loving the planter wired stand!

    Stunning Display Cabinet | Bread Boards

    The terracotta, the copper and Indian paintings against the painted background is too beautiful for words. I love the storage jars with copper lids and bought one.

    Beautiful Astier de Villatte Tableware

    Rounded wooden Dovecote | Astier Decorative Plates

    Stone Pots | Wonderful Decoration of Greenhouse

    Nectarine Tree | Wondertful vase wares. Gutted I didn’t pick these up, including the pitcher.

    Liquid Soaps, Hardware Brushes | Ostrich Feather Duster

    Coppiced Pendent Lamps

    Hydrangeas | Plant Pots

    Enormous Clock Face

    Original Indian Carousel Horse | Vintage Dogs Toys

    Vintage Indian Horse

    Angel Trio Stone Angels

    Friendly Mr. Mouse (want!) | White Stone Duck (want!)

    Stone Frog

    Stone Mushroom, Stone Animal | Stone Statue on Plinth

    I cannot wait for my next visit. Who wants to join me?