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    blognic – a picnic in the secret garden

    June 3, 2013

    Yesterday, on the most glorious day, i went for a picnic. It was not your every day-to-day picnic. No, it was a bloggers picnic named #blocnic and superbly organised by ellie lynne and bethan. I love a picnic but boy do i love a picnic with lively and creative bloggers who come totally prepared. There was a proper tressle table with hand-baked goods and lots of nibble and drinks. Blankets were provided and best of all they chose the most magical spot in london. Genius!

    It was such a pleasure to meet old and new faces and the weather played ball. For once, i decided to leave my camera at home and just sit, relax and mingle. Of course, i kicked myself afterwards as the setting was perfect and the sun was beaming.

    Thank you guys for rocking that picnic. I had a brilliant time and i hope to see many of you very soon.

    In true colourliving fashion, i got up very early, jumped on my scooter and went back to the spot in regent’s park to show you some of its beauty. Let me introduce you to the garden of st john’s lodge, also known as the secret garden. There may be many of you that think they know regent’s park well. Be surprised. It was early and there was just me and the lovely sprinkler man:-)

    The gardens are just adjacent to st john’s lodge, a private residence belonging to the sultan of brunei.

    Back in 1888, lord bute commissioned robert weir schultz to design a new ‘garden fit for meditation’. Schultz arranged distinctly shaped spaces on the axis of the villa. Formed by hedges, these enclosures remain the framework for the garden. In 1994, the royal parks undertook works to strengthen and enhance the character of the garden. Elements of the original concept have been re-introduced. The garden is designed for peaceful relaxation and as soon as you walk in any tension in your body and mind will disappear.

    I could be bold and tell you exactly where to find it and how to get there, but that would spoil the fun, right? It’s secret after all. Psst, don’t tell anyone i let the cat out of the bag!


















    Is this beautiful? Have a great week. See you thursday.