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    June 7, 2012

    Hello. It’s thursday. It’s june and it’s pouring with rain. It’s not fair!

    I’m sure i’m not alone in feeling that enough is enough! We want some sun and some vitamin d. Talking of sun, vitamin d and moods in general, i thought i will ignore the rain and talk about sunshine and glorious food instead and cheer you up with some vibrant photos.

    It’s funny how whenever i believe i’ve conquered something, life shows me that ‘the more i know the less i know’. Does that make any sense? Well, usually i’m very good about keeping my stress levels at bay, eating nutritious food, exercising regularly and generally feeling positive and upbeat. Somehow, over the past three months all of the above had very gradually slipped, until last week my body went into lock down. Nothing drastic, don’t worry, but enough for me to listen intently and react with immediate effect.

    Meetings were cancelled (thank you lovely clients), everything put on hold and with the extended jubilee weekend break i was back to my usual self in no time. Mental note to myself: don’t you like feeling like this all the time? I think i’m lucky to know my body and mind and be alert to its well being. Are you in tune with yours? When things get a little tough, how do you cope?

    I did write before about food shopping at the wonderful fern verrow stall. The weather just hasn’t been great to go and take pictures of other markets.

    Here are some photos i took of my food shopping a couple of weeks ago at the islington farmers market when there was sun, yes, that glowy thing! Remember? I came home and was so inspired by all that glorious and fresh food that i just had to take out my camera.

    A real fennel. Yes, that’s what they look like, albeit on the large side:)

    Fresh, scrumptious rocket.

    Bloomin chives. I particularly like eating the flowers. They have an onion flavour and look great added to a salad.

    Asparagus are back. Yeah! Not for long. The season ends around the 21st june.

    Ah, mini organic cucumbers, full of flavour!

    I love eating raw spinach and use it for juicing, so it has to be the young variety and definitely organic.

    Kale or to give it it’s proper name: cavolo nero. I use it in soups or just lightly steam it. Yum!

    A few pears, some spring onions, coriander and some parsley.

    And so the struggle for slow living in a fast paced city continues and no doubt there will be moments of victory and many more moments of defeat. For now i’ve chosen victory. How about you guys? How are you feeling? Does any of this resonate with you?

    Here’s to glorious, real food and to being our best at any given time. So long, I shall see you all on monday. Have a great weekend. Our week was rather short:)