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    the unfinished project

    July 9, 2012

    Here’s a question for you? Have you ever started a project and not finished it?

    For those of you who are sitting back thinking: no! Congratulations. You are super humans, good on you. For the rest of us, we are probably in good company. I believe we all have unfinished projects, whatever they may be. They can range from something very small, like fixing a window in the house to a larger project of decorating a room, building a conservatory or writing that book. The list is endless!

    I must admit, as time goes on and i get older and wiser there are far less unfinished projects. Maybe i’ve outsmarted elements of procrastination, maybe i’m vary of starting projects knowing very well i cannot finish. Maybe, just maybe, i’ve accumulated better tools to deal with this dilemma and learned how to avoid the ‘merry-go-round’.

    So, what is outstanding at the moment? Well, there is an unfinished project, a project i’m embarrassed to tell you has been sitting here unfinished for a good couple of years. The reason i wanted to share this on the blog today is to ask you to hold me accountable!!! By publicly announcing this, i’m hoping that i can share the progress of this and show you before and after photos. Ok, this is not going to be done in a few weeks but i will try and complete by the end of the year. Let me show you what it is!

    Here is one corner of my roof terrace. A couple of years ago i had this section covered in marine ply mdf board because i knew i was going to layer it in a mosaic design.

    Having done a 1-day mosaic course many many years ago i thought it might be fun to do a larger project. Hmm, always a good idea at first! I measured up, designed the entire surface, chose colours, bought the mosaic tiles, got all the bits and pieces i needed and hey presto!

    Once i had everything ready, i really went for it. I remember starting in july, it was sunny and i thought if only i could finish it over that summer. After about two weeks it started raining for the rest of the summer (anyone see some similarities here) and my incentive disappeared. I successfully persuaded myself, that now, i might as well finish it for the following spring. Ah, that dreaded delayed deadline. Correct me if i’m wrong here but we haven’t had a really warm and dry summer for years! This year doesn’t look as if it will be the exception!

    So, this is how far i got. Still unfinished, this is the longest panel (see first photo). There are nine in total, counting all the sides, both long and short.

    If truth be told, i’m still excited about both the design and the colours, which is good news. My roof terrace needs an injection of something. All my herbs have died with the torrential rain we’ve been having. Am rather upset about that. What worries me most is that i might have forgotten how to do mosaic. But then, it’s probably like riding a bike. I’m hoping that by finishing it i might lure the sun back. Could it be possible that we will have a sunny spring and summer in 2013?

    Wish me luck and feel free to prompt me from time to time:)

    Have you ever attempted a mosaic project? Have you ever been on a course?