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    September 10, 2012

    I’ve been a fan of clifton nurseries garden centre ever since i first stumbled across it in the late 80’s.

    Back then i only dreamt of having a space i could grow some plants or herbs in and was simply in awe of this amazing place in the middle of residential maida vale. Over the years i would visit from time to time and every time i’d come away thinking why i even bothered going anywhere else. They have recently celebrated 160 years in business and their history makes for a fascinating read!

    Last week i visited again and once more i left feeling satisfied both with the products and the wonderful service i received. I don’t know what makes it this special but special it is. I encourage you to go and see for yourselves. As we’re having a little bit of an indian summer (well, we did this weekend, it all seemed to have changed today), it’s a beautiful little outing into an oasis in the middle of london. For those not in london or in the uk, here are some photos.

    As autumn is approaching, one has to re-think ones garden or terrace. Herbs are always a good addition and for someone that cooks daily, they are a must! Unfortunately my herbs didn’t survive the winter! This time I’ve gone for evergreens. Although late in the year, i’m hoping i will still get a lot of pleasure and culinary delight from them. Fingers crossed. I also want you to know that i haven’t been blessed with green fingers but still persevere in the hope that one day i will be able to proudly show off herbs and plants.

    Have you heard of a curry herb? I hadn’t before. It’s nice and gives a salad a bit of a kick. I also like its very light green colour against the more darker herbs like rosemary, thyme, mint or sage. I’m looking forward to exploring more with it.

    Oh, i wanted to take him home with me and quite fancied the chair too.

    Take a look around.

    I love walking around the place trying to find some gems. The best part is the service. When you find the right person, everything seems easier and less scary.  Here’s what i walked away with.

    I let you into a secret, but promise not to tell anyone. When you go there, ask for vicky. She’s been great, full of good ideas, great listening skills and an enthusiastic and passionate mannerism. Thank you vicky!

    We’ve seen the end of the olympics/paralympics and a summer of london2012 sport here in london and i must admit that i woke up knowing that summer is officially over. Saddened and a little heavy hearted i’m reminded that we did good and in lord sebastian’s coe’s words; london 2012 made in britain! Let’s look forward to rio2016.

    Happy monday. See you thursday.