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    a short break along regent’s canal

    July 16, 2012

    Meditation is something i’ve struggled with for many years. Of course, there are different kind of meditation and i’ve had a go at some of them. I suppose i’m more into mindful living and trying to find ways to be in the ‘hear and now’. One of my favourite people on this subject is jon kabat-zinn who is credited with many books and talks on mindful meditation.

    While having some time between meetings, i decided to take a short walk down one small part of regent’s canal i don’t often visit. This incredible stretch of london, a 14 km watercourse that extends from little venice in the west to limehouse basin in the east, is truly a best-kept secret. Usually, i’ll go for a walk along the canal and chat with friends but this time i just took my camera, wandered around and marveled at what i saw. The light was starting to change and for a moment i stood still and forgot i was in a major cosmopolitan world city. You’ll find plants rare for london and it’s a breeding ground for numerous fish and birds.

    In 1992, the london canal museum was set up in a former ice warehouse on new wharf road as an educational resource. It’s really worth a visit. I think i went that first year so must visit again soon.

    The famous islington tunnel, 880m long…. just standing there for a bit you see all kinds of barges coming out.

    I love wildness like this. It really makes you feel you are in real nature. The canal is calming and the light was beautiful.

    As i was standing there, someone actually threw this half pitta bread into the canal. The duck had one little nibble and then swam away.

    On a tree trunk there were these sneakers. I wonder whether they were left on purpose and whether they were still there the next day.

    I stopped and talked to a lovely man who had rescued ‘charlie’, a stray dog, about five years ago. He was gorgeous but only interested in the bread and the pigeons!

    And so my little peaceful break came to an end. I felt rejuvenated, calm, inspired and proud that i live in a city that never seizes to amaze me. Even half an hour can change the perspective of your day and calm down even the most stubborn ‘stress hormones’.

    Do you have somewhere to escape to that takes you out of your daily routine and transports you into the ‘hear and now’? Do you know of mindful meditation? Do you practice any kind of meditation, yoga or other discipline? Happy ‘mindful’ weekend to you all.