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    Living with Colour

    February 19, 2015

    Hi, my name is Tina and I’m a colour addict! There, I’ve said it out loud.

    I’m not quite sure how all this colour love started but it must have originated whilst studying at art college. Back in the 80’s, Covent Garden was the place to be. Vibrant, exciting and full of life you couldn’t but fall in love with it all. I remember going to the Paul Smith shop and just being bowled over by all the wonderful stuff.

    Fast forward 30 years and I’m a full on colour advocate which, of course, is also reflected in my abode…. Colourliving and Mapology Guides HQ.

    To be honest I’ve been dreading the time when I have to re-decorate but after so many years, my flat is looking tired and is in need of a good overhaul. Not one for DIY, I’m getting the same crew back who did such an amazing job the first time round. What that means is I have to move out for a week while they take it in hand and the thought of packing up all my stuff already gives me nightmares…

    I’m thinking about making a few changes. I’m kind of tired of some of the colour scheme so will be looking for inspiration. Any advice is very welcome. I took these photos to show you a little bit of how I live with colours.

    I’m in love with this original 1998 Elizabeth film poster gifted to me by a dear friend. Not usually one for fake flowers, but you cannot go wrong with some faux ones from Abigail Ahern.

    living with colour - colourliving

    Of course, I’m not about to change my sofa. I’m sure you will agree that after 10 years this Missoni fabric has not dated. I’m also very happy with my recent purchase of Abigail Ahern’s watering hole side table.

    living with colour - colourliving

    All walls and shelves are white and will be painted white again. It’s a must for me if I want to have so much colour and patterns. Of course I dream about painting the walls in different colours but this flat and it’s layout does not lend itself to it.

    living with colour - colourliving

    Ah, the rug, or better the cowhide rug. I literally have struggled for years to find a rug that wouldn’t fight with all these colours and patterns in my space. I have finally found the right one and am completely smitten! Check out City Cows for the best selection.

    living with colour - colourliving

    Copper is always great and does really go with everything.

    living with colour - colourliving

    The doggy lamp was a present and I simply changed the lampshade. The gold side table was a great find from Atomic Antiques in Shoreditch.

    living with colour - colourliving

    I’ve loved these colours in my bathroom for many years and had them hand mixed for me. I’m definitely fancying a change here. Greens and blues and purple?

    living with colour - colourliving

    So, there you have it. Living with colour makes me happy and always puts a smile on my face. I couldn’t really imagine living any other way, But then I am Colourliving:-) And if you think that I only have colour in my decor you are mistaken. Opening a cupboard will show you this.:-)


    As I mentioned, any advice and tips are very welcome. Do you live with colour? Do tell.