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    May 16, 2013

    Hello. It’s sunny in london, can you believe it? 

    Now, who loves colour? Who loves illustrations? Who loves the british landscape? Who loves carpets? Well, for those of you that do, here is a visual treat. My very first blog was on my friend john, artist extraordinaire. I showed you bits of his home. John will be turning 80 next year but this does not stop the man travelling around the world and enthralling us with his art.

    John’s new exhibition ‘british landscapes‘ was first shown at the knitting and stitching shows last autumn and will now travel to a number of galleries in the UK.

    “My current exhibition was inspired by british landscapes. Many of the designs were worked from drawings, painting and photographs taken on site and then worked into designs in my studio in london.

    I have, since childhood, been fascinated by landscape. In this exhibition more than any of my others, my design aim was to show my personal emotional response to the countryside. I have allowed myself artistic licence to move a hill if it stops the view of the sea beyond it. I have put a different prehistoric image in place of the one actually there. I hope this will encourage people to look harder and work out what is real and what I have changed in the designs, particularly in the designs where they are familiar with the actual location. Always however, I have remained true to the actual essence of the landscape in my design”

    John designs and graphs the carpets in his studio in london and gets them hand woven in silk and wool in nepal.

    Well, i’ll leave you with some of john’s gorgeous wall carpets. Enjoy!












    Have a good weekend. See you guys on monday. 

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