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    Urban Jungle Bloggers – My Plant Shelfie

    October 23, 2014

    Hello lovelies. Yes, unfortunately this isn’t a post about the unveiling of my new venture. Building an online store, a website, taking product shots et cetera is taken longer than anticipated. Please forgive this delay. I promise it won’t be much longer…..

    Meanwhile, what better way to return from my Hiatus than join the lovely #urbanjunglebloggers for the October edition.

    Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series, devised by Igor and Judith. The idea is to get some green into our homes, especially for us urban folks! Every month they invite bloggers to share ideas for creating an urban jungle through styling challenges, DIYs, green tips and tricks. Every month there is a different theme on the topic. You can follow and get more Urban Jungle Bloggers inspiration on Pinterest and on Facebook.

    October’s theme is: ‘my plant shelfie’

    Well, I couldn’t pass on that, could I? A few weeks ago while buying some flowers, I saw this gorgeous cactus in this amazing pot in the window of the florist. It was a one-off and you know me all to be quite forward. ‘He’s got my name written all over him’ I heard myself blurt out! Can I take him home? The lovely sales assistant wasn’t able to refuse and so Herbert has become the latest addition to the Colourliving abode.

    Herbert saying: ‘Hello’.

    This below here is Herbert from the back. he needs propping up a little. I’m very much hoping that Judith will give me some hints on how to care for him.

    urban jungle bloggers - my plant shelfie - Colourliving

    Some of you will have read my very first Urban Jungle Bloggers post back in February this year when I introduced Magda, the Hydrangea. She did splendidly throughout the year. Round about August I moved her to the roof terrace to help her grow new bulbs. I’m delighted with her progress.

    urban jungle bloggers - my plant shelfie - Colourliving
    Magda growing new bulbs. On the far left you can see the beginnings of some flower petals.

    I’m also in love with my new pitcher, hand-painted in Pakistan. Again, it was a one-off, so I quickly snapped it up. Isn’t it gorgeous? The candlelight holder on the left has got a bouquet of herbs from my terrace. As I’m preparing for winter I’m pruning everything. My flat smells of herbs that I display in little pots but also then use in my cooking. Why let them go to waste, right?

    urban jungle bloggers - my plant shelfie - Colourliving

    I love the painting of these birds. The colours are so vibrant. In the pitcher there’s a bunch of white Astranzias. They are very delicate and last a long time. I also have some pink ones.

    urban jungle bloggers - my plant shelfie - Colourliving

    Finally, my ‘shelfie’. It’s an island that divides my home office from the living room space. It changes often and today it’s been dressed in honour of the Urban Jungle Bloggers.

    urban jungle bloggers - my plant shelfie - Colourliving

    UJB-sidebar-lime 150-TB

    I hope you all have a good weekend.

    Igor and Judith, it was a real pleasure to see you last weekend. I hope London treated you well and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to join your event at WestelmUK. See you soon x

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