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    May 6, 2013

    Happy week everyone. For some of us it’s a holiday today. It’s sunny in london and this seems to make everything all right in the world !

    Today, let me talk to you about magazine storage. I don’t know about you, but I constantly struggle with housing my beloved magazines and storing them in such a way that i can easily get my hands on any issue i might need. Of course, it goes without saying, that as a designer the look and feel has to be right too. The other day, someone actually asked me whether i still read printed magazines? Hello, do you know me at all? After my initial shock at the question, i gave my answer…..

    So, i am a self-confessed magazine junkie and many years ago i dreamt of designing a product to store my own magazine collections. I came up with the idea of having a deep sort of box that would hold 12 issues, one side open to slide in the magazines with the front of it looking like a frame, to display my favourite magazine cover of that year. Then I would hang these boxes like a gallery on a wall and thus i could look at all my favourite covers, simultaneously creating a wall of art. Hmmm, i wonder, is there mileage in it yet?

    I’ve always been jealous of interesting storage solutions that can house many magazines and make it look good, as well as walls that can display a whole range of magazine covers, like the one i saw in ilse crawford’s studio!


    When i designed and built my humble abode, storage was an integral part and i’m lucky to have rather a lot of it. However, given the fact that i collect books, magazines, art materials and general design artifacts, i am slowly but surely running low on ways to display my beloved magazines. Let me show you some of the way i store them!

    I kid you not, i do have a collection of elle docoration uk that nearly spans 20 years. I toy with the idea of letting it go but then always chicken out at the last moment. That’s a whole lot of space i could free up… what do you say people? This shelf was purposely built to house my collection and then they go and change the size of the magazine. Pah!



    Some of my magazines stored away in cupboards. I have 2 of these.


    Part of my monocle collection.


    Starting on a new shelf that was never meant to be for storing magazines or books:-)


    Another bit of magazine storage.


    The dilemma isn’t only where to store my magazines. Finding a suitable way to display current issues for reading and surrounding myself with inspiring and favourite issues is yet another challenge. So, i was delighted when i came across a post by my friend igor, showing us his latest addition to his home. After much deliberation on colour (black) and where i would hang it (bedroom), i’m delighted to show you my new and much beloved magazine rack. Best part… it was a present. Thank you O x


    I cannot wait to update it on a regular basis and wake up every morning feeling inspired. Want one? Get it from here!

    Will you share some of your magazine storage solutions? Are there some of you that have completely embraced the online versions and rid yourselves of any printed issues? See you thursday.