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    Blade Rubber Stamps

    January 25, 2016

    I remember in the 90’s discovering this amazing shop that sold rubber stamps. Back then, situated in Neal’s Yard – Covent Garden, it was one of those speciality shops that made London retail’s scenery so enticing.

    Well, the speciality retail scenery might not have lasted (although we’re seeing a resurgence) but Blade Rubber Stamps survived, albeit in another location now. Tucked away, moments from the British Museum, the shop is bigger, better and whether you’re a business, designer or crafter, their range of products will wet your appetite and give you new ideas. It’s not all about scrapbooking, I promise! I dare any other retail shop to have a vaster range in coloured inkpads!

    Blimey, the selection of rubber stamps is enormous.



    Throughout the shop you’ll find homemade cards displayed everywhere. I wanted to know who’s cards they were. Apparently when people come and do workshops on how to use rubber stamps for card making they often leave their piece of art in the shop for customers to get inspired and see some end results. How nice is that?


    I picked an example here of two different people using this tree rubber stamp as inspiration for their very different creations. It shows how the rubber stamp motif is just the bases for the final artwork.




    Some further examples where people have used the rubber stamps from the shop and created a unique piece of work. Inspiring?








    You can also use their made to order rubber stamps service. Always useful!

    It is refreshing to see how Blade Rubber Stamps have weathered the economic downturn and remain firmly a destination shop for many people around the world wanting to ‘create’ something. After all we are now in the era of ‘makers’.

    There were no names available to credit the artists of the pictures I took.

    The physical shop has now closed.

    Blade Rubber Stamp
    12 Bury Place,
    London WC1A 2JL
    020 7831 4123

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