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    The Creative Process – Meet Peter Cooper

    October 28, 2013

    Morning. It’s monday, a new week and a brand new creative process post.

    For new readers: Much has been written about The Creative Process, which in its purest form is simply a way of solving a problem. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Creativity and its process, contrary to popular belief, is not just reserved for artists and designers. I believe that everyone can benefit from learning and understanding the numerous ways of the creative process. I will invite people to share their own personal creative processes with us and hope this will help you with identifying your own.

    Today i’m chuffed to bits to introduce peter cooper from artysmyth2. We actually met on twitter, over virtual soup;-) But here’s peter introducing himself!

    The Creative Process – Peter Cooper

    The Creative Process - Peter Cooper - Colourliving

    The Creative Process

    Day to day work can involve all manner of things – helping independent retailers with their challenges, devising retail campaigns, designing shops, fine tuning shop layouts to maximise sales, number crunching, mentoring graduates in the workplace and so on… Every now and again a challenge comes along which requires speed, efficiency, focus and creativity to deliver results.

    Here is a visual account of a project that “popped up” when I was working in a consultancy capacity with one of my independent retail customers; Bishop Phillpott in Truro, Cornwall. They had a great opportunity to move to a larger store in a better location. What was the catch? Only three week’s turnaround from initial idea to opening and, of course, all on a tight budget. So, this is how things went:

    It starts with the music – something gentle to ease me into the project but guaranteed to get my creative thinking up to speed.


                                         My thought process in sound – turn it up


    Image boards TWO

     This is going to be a good day…



    Image boards THREE

    What’s stopping me? Get on with it!



    Image boards FOUR

    Bad day, this is not going to plan.



    Image boards FIVE

    Crap. I know I can do this!



    Image boards SIX

    I might be onto something here…



    Image boards SEVEN

    What a response. I knew I could do it.



    Image boards EIGHT

    Too much brain activity. Makes another list!



    Image boards NINE

    Not half bad!


    How fascinating. Thank you peter for sharing a real-live project with us here on the CP express. I know i owe you a big bowl of home-made soup:-)