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    Barber Streisand – A New Barber Experience

    September 28, 2015

    You could be forgiven for reading the title and mistaken it for a famous singer. Barber Streisand is a brand new barber experience in the heart of Exmouth Market.

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    The sun was shining. I was killing some time while waiting for my Vespa to have an MOT. Taking a stroll through Exmouth Market I stopped to admire the interior of what I quickly realised was a barber with a difference. Quirky, independent and unisex.

    “We like to do things our way. So we’ve kicked to the kerb all the boring bits of barbering and kept only the little things we love.”

    The staff I met were super nice and friendly and lucky for me Ellie Pamphilon, the owner was about. I had to ask about the name. Apparently she had a list of quite a few barber shop puns but when she hit upon Barber Streisand there was a Eureka moment.

    I admired and complimented Ellie on the interiors. Contemporary and somewhat minimalist, but with great effects. It proves yet again that an interesting and captivating interior does not need to cost the earth.

    A wall displaying animal skulls, another scissors feels warm, inviting and non pretentious. The floor tiles are bold and the wall of monochrome postcards is extremely effective and very calming. Ellie tells me that the barber chairs were the biggest investment as they were restored in beautiful camel coloured leather.

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    Barbers, in general, are very much in vogue but there are many who cater to hipsters and are rather overpriced. This establishment wants to be different and has a very basic and affordable pricing structure. I noticed they have student discounts at certain times and you can have a reduced cut with recently qualified barbers. Guess who that is? It’s Ellie herself, a former accountant, who recently qualified as a professional barber. Cool or what? So, you can have a reduced cut with the boss.

    There are some clothes for sale (belonging to a friend) and downstairs will open as a gallery in the next six months showcasing artist’s work.

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    barber streisand - a new barber experience

    I was most disappointed to hear that my hair does not qualify for a haircut at Barber Streisand. Although unisex, this only refers to women with short hair. The great news is that prices are the same, regardless of gender. Cutting short hair literally means that. There are no blow-drys or fancy stuff.

    I’m going to keep nagging Ellie until one day she might allow women with slightly longer hair to get the Barber Streisand treatment. This is so up my street, in terms of staff, interiors and philosophy. They’ve only been open for four months, but I think this must be the way forward in getting a haircut. Bravo to the whole team!

    Barber Streisand,
    45 Exmouth Market,
    London EC1 4QL UK

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