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    January 29, 2012

    I am a confessed magazine addict. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all in favour of these new funky online beauties that are springing up everywhere, like the lovely heart home magazine. Maybe they will even save me from having to find ever bigger homes to house my collections. I have been toying with the idea of giving away some of my hundreds of magazines but am still dreaming of one day building a huge library (à la karl lagerfeld) to house all my beloved books and mags. So, I thought it might be fun to show you some of my babies. Of course, there are the usual suspects. But I have also chosen some more obscure ones and some that, unfortunately, are no longer in print or didn’t make it very far. I hope you’ll discover something new!

    elle decoration uk needs no introduction. My collection goes back to 1995. Help!

    elle decor italia Well, the bible of all interior magazines. I had to stop collecting as one needs a mansion to house them.

    wallpaper magazine is the cool and sophisticated kid on the block. This cover was my own design.

    wired uk magazine is about the future of technology with great graphic layouts and spreads.

    monocle is a lifestyle magazine founded by tyler brûlé. I am a huge fan and have most issues. Bit blokey i know!

    vogue living is a fantastic australian interiors magazine.

    case di abitare is an italian magazine featuring design, interiors, lifestyle and more.

    nest magazine was an interiors publication. Unlike any other, it featured photographs of nontraditional, exceptional, and unusual environments. It folded in 2004.

    byzance magazine is a bi-monthly french-lebanese interiors magazine first launched in 2003. It looks to bridge the gap between tradition and modern lifestyle, between east and west. It mixes these two different styles beautifully, through interiors, art, fashion and beauty.

    uppercase is a magazine for the creative and curious. One of my favs at present.

    recoup magazine was a belgian interiors publication and folded after 3 issues.

    more magazine was a german lifestyle publication that folded after the first issue. I loved their craft projects and illustrations.

    oh comely is a gorgeous lifestyle magazine with beautiful illustrations and photography.

    apartamento is an everyday life interiors magazine.

    bare magazine was edited by the wonderful ilse crawford. A stylish but short-lived ode to well-being that folded after 6 issues. It was far too ahead of its time.

    cut magazine is a german craft magazine. The emphasis is on fashion. You’ll find cutting patterns in it.

    sublime magazine is a bi-monthly international lifestyle magazine with ethical values and intelligent content.

    rubbish magazine is eclectic, different, sporadic, rubbishy brilliant!

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