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    blogging your way 2nd london meetup

    December 4, 2011

    This time round, we met at drink, shop & do. It was lovely to meet new member annabel bird. The highlight of our get together (except the wonderful chatting) was that the fabulous paige, wedding photographer extraordinaire, offered to do headshots of each of us. Can you imagine the excitement? There was more than usual make-up, freshly washed hair and great anticipation. I can only speak for myself, but paige made me feel like I am the most beautiful woman on this planet. She has a natural way of making you feel at ease and forgetting you are being photographed. I cannot wait for the results!

    As a thank you we bought her some flowers. A massive thank you, dearest paige, for your enthusiasm, generosity and for simply being you!

    We have some dates for our January 2012 meet up so very much looking forward to seeing everyone again and welcoming new members.

    For those of you who have never been to drink, shop & do before, here is a little taster of what to expect: